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My first project back in 1994

My first project back in 1994

Hi. My name is Janez Golmajer. I live and work in Slovenia, in the hart of Europe. JGD-AIRBRUSH stands for Janez Golmajer Designs + AIRBRUSH - this is what I relly love to do.

In 1994 I painted my first helmet. Than forgot about airbrushing for a long time. I come back to artwork in 2010. Since than, I cant stop playing with colours.

Painting different objects is my passion.

It is extremelly interesting to realize peoples ideas trough my work. I'm happy, if they are happy.

The biggesr or most important projects:

- DH helmets for Unor Tools Team, 2015 season, 8 pieces

- Helmets for 2013 Winner of World Cup MTB CrossCountry Tanja Žakelj

- Helmet for 2015 EWS Master class winner Primož Štrancar

- Complete paint job on a bike that Jure Robič won the Race Across AMerica in 2008.

Primž Štrancar recieving customizing helmet

Helmets for 2013 xc world champ Tanja Žakelj

Finished helmet for world champ

Tanja Zakej in national newspaper

2008 bike frame from Jure Robič. 5 times RAAM winner.

Unior Tools Team helmets

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07.08 | 04:13

ProNova Partners would like to collaborate with you on the sale of your business ASAP. Buyer demand is sky-high for our offerings - we closed ALMOST ALL of the new engagements we were hired for natio

16.06 | 15:36

I am looking to get a worth pitchers helmet air brushed.

08.06 | 10:01

Živjo, je kakšna možnost ne celotnega barvanja okvirja, ampak samo popravilo obstoječe barve? Obnavljam starejše kolo, ki ima nekaj prask, ampak ga ne želim prebarvati celega, da je čim več "original"

19.12 | 22:01

Začnem pri 300€.
Okvirno bi bil znesek okrog 400. Za bolj natancno oceno pa bi morsl vedeti več. Npr.koliko in katere logotipe bi imel. Ali bi bila samo eana osnovna barva ali več... .

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